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Call 2 Luv is making a difference with Music!

Call2Luv is M.A.D. with Music!We believe in empowering kids through other means apart from formal education, and engaging with them in ways that can enable them achieve their true potential.

To this end, we are launching our new programme, “True Colours” to introduce children to music and its benefits. As with our other initiatives, we believe this programme will expose the kids to a wealth of opportunities and bring out their true colours.

Yes, Call2Luv is making a difference (M.A.D.) with music and we hope to influence as many children as possible!Music education is more than introducing children to beats, notes and songs. Instead, it completely transforms a child’s mind and opens up endless possibilities to their learning potential.

We identified several benefits of introducing children to the world of music including brain development, increase in spatial intelligence, memory retention, discipline, hard work and dedication, personal development, creativity and so much more!

Watch this space for more on how music is making a difference!

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